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• 4/29/2018

Global Missions

Are Global Missions limited? I am just wondering if you've completed all missions and it is limited then, in that case, you'd have to depend solely on daily missions to earn gems . . . So, basically, what I'm asking is will you ever run out of global missions?
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• 3/12/2018


How many cards do you have to play to floop? How much of your floop-o-meter do blue plains take away?
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• 2/7/2018

Does the Gold chest mean rare?

Because I've done the algebraic calendar and now theirs another chest but its gold? So does that mean only rare??
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• 2/1/2018

Link to another wiki

Can I add a link to another CWK wiki on the front page of this wiki?
CWK Wiki @getfandom
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• 10/23/2017

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• 3/3/2017
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• 11/18/2016


I can't link my account to fb
not want to give up it
help me plz
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• 9/6/2016


Does anyone have Soft Rock as an ally that I can add for the Dungeons mission? It would be great if this thread could be used to get the allies you need for the dungeon games that require a specific card. Thanks!
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