Useless Swamp Creatures

No.7 Wandering Bald King

Bald king

No.8 Wandering Bald Man

Bald man

No.10 Baldmans Throne

Baldmans Throne Creature

No.15 Boombox Bog Banshe

Boombox Bog Banshe

No.16 Bog BanShe Angel

Bog banshe

No.18 Bog Frog Bomb

Bog frog

No.26 Chest Burster

Chest burster

No.52 Dr. Death

Dr death

No.64 Extraordinary Spider

Extraordinary Spider

No.66 Eye Guy

Eye Guy Creature

No.77 Green Mer-Raider

Mer raider

No.78 Green Mermaid

Green mermaid

No.81 Rebellious Herculeye

Reb herc

No.82 Herculeye


No.97 Immortal Maize Walker

Immortal Maize Walker

No.98 Maize Walker

Maize walker

No.102 Man Witch

Man witch

No.146 The Drooler


No.154 Mr FixIt


No.155 Mean Pete Moss

Mean Pete Moss

No.156 Pete Moss

Pete moss

No.167 Tire Of The North

Tire north

No.168 Swampy Tire

Swampy tire

No.176 Enlightened Bald Man

Ebald man

No.184 Fun Guy

Fun guy

No.192 Fly Swatter


No.202 Grainary Weevil


No.220 The Pickler


No.222 Steak Chop

Steak chop

No.234 Colonel Chicken

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